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Mad for Maddens

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Benji and Joel Madden

Like most of you, we have also caught The Voice fever here at TV Soap, so we’ve decided to share some surprising facts about coach Joel Madden and his mentor twin brother, Benji.

1. Benjamin Levi Madden and his twin brother legally changed their names from their father’s surname – Combs- to their mother’s maiden name, Madden, during their teenage years.

2. The boy’s band, is one of the bestselling punk acts in the world. “The day we started the band, the question was when we were going to make it, not if we were gonna make it,” Joel said.

3. Although the twins are considered identical, Benji is actually two inches shorter than his brother, who is also is also five minutes younger.

4. The brother’s unbreakable bond stemmed from a less than idyllic childhood. “When my dad left, I was always the one that was kind of, like, crying about it, like, ‘Why us, why us,” Joel said. “Lucky for me, I had Benji. We’ve always been sidekicks.”

5. Before he hit it big, Benji worked as a stock boy, a waiter and even a shampoo technician. He also co-founded the clothing company DCMA Collective, and hosted his own MTV show with Joel called All Things Rock.

6. When Joel first began playing Good Charlotte gigs, the lead singer would get so nervous that he would sing with his back to the audience.

7. Like his brother, Benji is covered in over 100 tattoos.

8. Joel, 33, once dated Disney darling, Hilary Duff, who’s eight years his junior. However, after nearly two-and-a-half years together, the couple parted ways.

9. Benji and his Good Charlotte bandmates have been actively involved in supporting multiple PETA animal rights campaigns.

10. In 2006, Joel and now-wife Nicole Richie welcomed their first child, daughter Harlow Winter Kate Madden into the world. But before the birth, big softie Joel played host to a surprise baby shower for 100 expectant and new mums and the Los Angeles Free Clinic, handing out more than $200,000 worth of gifts.

Don’t forget to grab our latest issue of TV Soap to read our complete article about these rocking, punk stars. Enjoy!


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A dangerous secret!

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CLOSE CALL: Rick (Jacob Young) and Liam (Scott Clifton) save Hope (Kimberly Matula) just in time.

A near-death experience doesn’t deter Amber from fuelling Hope’s worsening drug addiction on the The Bold and the Beautiful, but has Amber gone too far this time?

Initially, Amber is complacently proud of herself for being able to find an online source to provide the anti-anxiety medication that Hope has been craving. However, Hope is still under the misconception that her doctor authorised the pills that mysteriously turned up on her desk.

But when Dayzee finds Amber checking out medical resources on the computer, he warns that any place providing medication without a prescription is doing so illegally and can have dangerous consequences. Dayzee also informs Amber that sometimes the unethical companies are providing medication that can be poisonous and cause deaths! Amber is clearly shaken up and prays the pills she purchased for Hope are safe.

Meanwhile, Hope meets Thomas, Rick, Caroline and Liam at the Forrester mansion pool for a fun afternoon. An edgy Hope takes a pill and immediately starts to feel better, but an hour later her friends notice that Hope appears to be a little too happy and relaxed.

Liam asks his girlfriend if she is feeling okay, but Hope insists she is just trying to unwind and enjoy herself. She soon jumps on the diving board and starts to dance as if she doesn’t have a care in the world. However, when Liam is distracted momentarily by a conversation with his friends, he doesn’t realise that Hope has passed out and fallen into the water!

Luckily Liam gets to her just in time and fishes out Hope, who insists she fainted from not eating and refuses to be taken to the hospital. Amber later finds out about the incident and visits Hope to find she is still taking the medication. But when Amber finally confesses that she was the one who bough the pills in an effort to help, Hope wants more!

Later, an apprehensive Amber hands over more pills to Hope, assuring that this will be their little secret. Let’s just hope it doesn’t turn out to be a deadly one!


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Three’s a crowd

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SPARKS ARE FLYING: Julie (Rebecca Gibney) and Adam (Cameron Daddo) have quickly formed a strong bond.

The marriage of Julie and Dave has always been rock solid on Packed to the Rafters, but things are about to take an incredibly risky turn when Julie falls hard and fast for her new boss, Adam.

For a long time, when Dave has been in the mood for some loving, Julie has turned him down, saying she wasn’t interested. Julie hates to admit it, but she has lost her passion for the man she’s been married to for 25 years. The sparks that once burned bright have now turned into fading embers.

But when it comes to her new boss, Adam, the sparks have started flying bigger and brighter than ever before. Worst of all, Dave is forced to sit back and watch the situation unfold before his eyes.

The day newspaper editor Adam asks Julie to review a local café, Julie heads out alone. But to her surprise, Adam unexpectedly turns up and joins her. They enjoy each others company, conversations flow, laughs are shared, and sparks are flying in every direction.

When Julie arrives home to Dave, she is glowing and giggling like a school girl after having the best night out. But Dave knows Julie well enough to know something more than a new job is exciting her, and while he continues to support her, deep down he is terrified. Julie is more alive than she has been in years, and it’s all because of Adam.

When nightmares and constant stress gets the better of Dave, he decides to do what he can to break the bond between Julie and Adam. When Dave tries to end Julie’s new confidence over her writing career in hope that it might be the best way to bring her back to him and away from Adam, it turns out to be a critical mistake.

Once the words are said, Julie is shattered and Dave knows he can’t take them back. Will this be the fatal ending to the marriage Dave is so desperately trying to hold on to?


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Murder mysteries and more disasters!

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REVENGE: Chaos rules as a body is discovered on the beach.

REVENGE: Chaos rules as a body is discovered on the beach.

Things are definitely heating up on our favourite soaps, and in the latest issue of TV Soap, we reveal all the relationship drama, murder mysteries and disasters hitting the screens.

On Revenge, the identity of the mysterious body on the beach is finally revealed. But is Daniel the killer? It sure looks that way when the reformed bad boy is found hovering over the lifeless body, covered in blood. We all know he’s had his troubles in the past, but is he really a murderer?

Meanwhile on Days of our Lives, Chloe is out of options and after being mistaken for a prostitute, she considers selling her body for real. It’s true – Chloe has been in on an never-ending downward spiral as of late, but is she desperate enough to start selling her body for cash?

And on Packed to the Rafters, Dave and Julie are about to suffer their biggest setback yet. While their marriage has always been rock solid, things are about to change when Julie falls hard and fast for her new boss, Adam. Will their marriage last the test? Or are the sparks that fly between Julie and Adam too hard to resist?

Also, there’s more trouble hitting the screens of Home and Away when Casey Braxton could be heading back to juvenile detention after lashing out at his bullying teacher. At this rate, Casey will be lucky to stay out of jail, let alone worry about finishing school!

Also in this issue of TV Soap, we pay tribute to The Young and the Restless’ Kate Linder as she notches up 30 wonderful years on the soap, plus we have loads of great storyline sneak peeks and prizes to be won. Enjoy the issue!


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