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Couples In Crisis!

February 3rd, 2010 by Vesna | Filed under The Magazine.

Love is in the air with St Valentine’s Day just around the corner, so what’s coming up for our favourite soap couples? Who’s hooking up and who’s breaking up? What does the future hold for Nick and Bridget on The Bold and The Beautiful and what crisis awaits tortured lovers Rafe and Sami on Days of Our Lives?

With complicted love lives on screen the stars are happy when the cameras stop rolling and they can go home to their real life partners – find out which lucky guy or girl has captured the hearts of our TV Favourites.

It’s not all about romance for our soap characters in the coming weeks. On Neighbours Steph is consumed with guilt over her secret pregnancy, she knows her life will be ruined should the truth about the baby’s paternity emerge!

Oprah tells  us about her personal daily struggles and how she can releate to the main character in Precious, the movie  she helped produce.

With Courtenay Cox vamping it up on Cougar Town, we take a look at some celebrity cougars, plus read about which financially savvy stars are using their fame to launch personal product lines.

Find out what’s coming up on your favourite sopas in our guides, plus all the latest from Hollywood.

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