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Will Ruby die?

March 15th, 2012 by TV Soap | Filed under Uncategorized.


RUBY RAFTER: Panic sets in when Ruby climbs into a room with a deadly drop on one side (Source: Channel 7)

The speculation about some familiar faces leaving Packed to the Rafters at the end of the season is not the only thing shaking up the scenes on one of our favourite primetime soaps.

For Dave, his daughter Ruby is his life, but when things spin out of control at a building site, Dave faces the prospect that he could lose his daughter forever.

When Dave receives a phone call from work asking him to come down to the site and help out with an urgent problem, he has no other choice but to bring Ruby along.  Not being able to find a baby sitter on such short notice, he is relieved to find his nephew, Coby, at the site, and leaves Ruby in his care. But Coby learns the hard way that things can turn from bad to worse when he takes his eye off Ruby for one second, and she wanders off alone.

Dave now faces a father’s worst nightmare and closes down he building site to find his little girl. But somehow Ruby has managed to climb into a locked room with a deadly drop from one side. If she falls off the edge, the height of the drop will kill her.

The more Dave bashes on the door, the more frightened Ruby becomes. She begins to back away from the door and draws closer to the open drop. Will someone be able to save little Ruby before she takes one step too many?


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