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Mad for Maddens

May 24th, 2012 by TV Soap | Filed under Star News.

Benji and Joel Madden

Like most of you, we have also caught The Voice fever here at TV Soap, so we’ve decided to share some surprising facts about coach Joel Madden and his mentor twin brother, Benji.

1. Benjamin Levi Madden and his twin brother legally changed their names from their father’s surname – Combs- to their mother’s maiden name, Madden, during their teenage years.

2. The boy’s band, is one of the bestselling punk acts in the world. “The day we started the band, the question was when we were going to make it, not if we were gonna make it,” Joel said.

3. Although the twins are considered identical, Benji is actually two inches shorter than his brother, who is also is also five minutes younger.

4. The brother’s unbreakable bond stemmed from a less than idyllic childhood. “When my dad left, I was always the one that was kind of, like, crying about it, like, ‘Why us, why us,” Joel said. “Lucky for me, I had Benji. We’ve always been sidekicks.”

5. Before he hit it big, Benji worked as a stock boy, a waiter and even a shampoo technician. He also co-founded the clothing company DCMA Collective, and hosted his own MTV show with Joel called All Things Rock.

6. When Joel first began playing Good Charlotte gigs, the lead singer would get so nervous that he would sing with his back to the audience.

7. Like his brother, Benji is covered in over 100 tattoos.

8. Joel, 33, once dated Disney darling, Hilary Duff, who’s eight years his junior. However, after nearly two-and-a-half years together, the couple parted ways.

9. Benji and his Good Charlotte bandmates have been actively involved in supporting multiple PETA animal rights campaigns.

10. In 2006, Joel and now-wife Nicole Richie welcomed their first child, daughter Harlow Winter Kate Madden into the world. But before the birth, big softie Joel played host to a surprise baby shower for 100 expectant and new mums and the Los Angeles Free Clinic, handing out more than $200,000 worth of gifts.

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