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Three’s a crowd

May 3rd, 2012 by TV Soap | Filed under Uncategorized.


SPARKS ARE FLYING: Julie (Rebecca Gibney) and Adam (Cameron Daddo) have quickly formed a strong bond.

The marriage of Julie and Dave has always been rock solid on Packed to the Rafters, but things are about to take an incredibly risky turn when Julie falls hard and fast for her new boss, Adam.

For a long time, when Dave has been in the mood for some loving, Julie has turned him down, saying she wasn’t interested. Julie hates to admit it, but she has lost her passion for the man she’s been married to for 25 years. The sparks that once burned bright have now turned into fading embers.

But when it comes to her new boss, Adam, the sparks have started flying bigger and brighter than ever before. Worst of all, Dave is forced to sit back and watch the situation unfold before his eyes.

The day newspaper editor Adam asks Julie to review a local café, Julie heads out alone. But to her surprise, Adam unexpectedly turns up and joins her. They enjoy each others company, conversations flow, laughs are shared, and sparks are flying in every direction.

When Julie arrives home to Dave, she is glowing and giggling like a school girl after having the best night out. But Dave knows Julie well enough to know something more than a new job is exciting her, and while he continues to support her, deep down he is terrified. Julie is more alive than she has been in years, and it’s all because of Adam.

When nightmares and constant stress gets the better of Dave, he decides to do what he can to break the bond between Julie and Adam. When Dave tries to end Julie’s new confidence over her writing career in hope that it might be the best way to bring her back to him and away from Adam, it turns out to be a critical mistake.

Once the words are said, Julie is shattered and Dave knows he can’t take them back. Will this be the fatal ending to the marriage Dave is so desperately trying to hold on to?


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