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A moment of passion

November 24th, 2014 by TV Soap | Filed under Bold and the Beautiful.

Rick is starting to grow jealous of the newfound closeness between Ridge and Caroline, and if upcoming eps of The Bold and the Beautiful are anything to go by, it seems he has good cause to fear.

PASSION: Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) and Caroline (Linsey Godfrey) can no longer deny their attraction.

Rick (Jacob Young) wastes no time confronting his wife over her her supposed inappropriate behaviour. She insists that Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) is purely mentoring her and they have not crossed a line with each other.

Rick finds it hard to believe that Ridge needs to caress Caroline (Linsey Godfrey) in order to help her become a better designer but she explains that he is effectively guiding her hand in order to produce effective results. Rick scoffs, insisting Ridge’s actions must stop.

Caroline is appalled by her husband’s jealousy and points out that to be taught by one of the world’s premier designers is an exciting opportunity that she refuses to give up. Still, Rick orders that the collaboration must cease.

Finally, Caroline has no choice but to confess that Ridge can no longer draw on his own, due to his accident, and that she’s been helping him to produce designs. Rick is sympathetic but declares that his father needs to know about this handicap. Caroline begs Rick to stay quiet, but he insists that Eric (John McCook) has the right to know.

Rick charges into Eric’s office and exposes Ridge’s inability to design. Eric is stunned by the news as Ridge walks in. Eric asks if it’s true and Ridge confesses that at the moment, he has been robbed of his talent to sketch.

Rick proposes that Ridge be fired and Eric asks why his son didn’t come to him for help. Ridge insists he doesn’t need anyone’s help and Rick points out that his brother has no trouble accepting Caroline’s assistance.

Both men ask Eric to make a decision and he shocks them with the announcement that he’s stepping down as CEO in the very near future so that one of his sons can succeed him. But who will that be? Eric explains he’ll make that decision at a later time.

Ridge returns to his office where Caroline waits for him. She apologises for causing so much trouble and is disappointed that their association has to end.

Ridge pleads with Caroline not to let that happen, reminding her that they make a very creative team that shouldn’t be parted.

Caroline then admits to developing feelings for Ridge and insists she doesn’t want to risk her marriage.

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