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Murder mysteries and more disasters!

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REVENGE: Chaos rules as a body is discovered on the beach.

REVENGE: Chaos rules as a body is discovered on the beach.

Things are definitely heating up on our favourite soaps, and in the latest issue of TV Soap, we reveal all the relationship drama, murder mysteries and disasters hitting the screens.

On Revenge, the identity of the mysterious body on the beach is finally revealed. But is Daniel the killer? It sure looks that way when the reformed bad boy is found hovering over the lifeless body, covered in blood. We all know he’s had his troubles in the past, but is he really a murderer?

Meanwhile on Days of our Lives, Chloe is out of options and after being mistaken for a prostitute, she considers selling her body for real. It’s true – Chloe has been in on an never-ending downward spiral as of late, but is she desperate enough to start selling her body for cash?

And on Packed to the Rafters, Dave and Julie are about to suffer their biggest setback yet. While their marriage has always been rock solid, things are about to change when Julie falls hard and fast for her new boss, Adam. Will their marriage last the test? Or are the sparks that fly between Julie and Adam too hard to resist?

Also, there’s more trouble hitting the screens of Home and Away when Casey Braxton could be heading back to juvenile detention after lashing out at his bullying teacher. At this rate, Casey will be lucky to stay out of jail, let alone worry about finishing school!

Also in this issue of TV Soap, we pay tribute to The Young and the Restless’ Kate Linder as she notches up 30 wonderful years on the soap, plus we have loads of great storyline sneak peeks and prizes to be won. Enjoy the issue!


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O&M launch Mineral CCT Colour

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Greg Whatling, Alan Buki, Cameron Rains, Jose Bryce Smith, Alex Henao and Wayne Lewis at the launch of O&M's Mineral CCT Permanent Hair colour.

Our very own ‘Get the look’ contributors at TV Soap, Wayne Lewis and Alan Buki from Original and Mineral, invited us to help celebrate the launch of ‘Mineral CCT Permanent Hair Colour,’ a culmination of ongoing research and dedication to product improvement.

Early this week, Original Mineral (O&M) invited beauty editors to a healthy Australian breakfast at Sydney’s high-rise restaurant, The Summit, to launch their new hair colour line.

The morning commenced with Co-Founder, Jose Bryce Smith and Technical Director, Wayne Lewis discussing the journey of the brand and outlining Mineral CCT’s promise for a safe, chemical-free future that wont compromise colour results.

By channelling the cutting-edge colour technology from an American research laboratory, O&M’s launch of Mineral CCT’s latest generation of permanent colours answers a demand from clients who are looking for a more natural solution with a professional result.

CCT stands for Clean Colour Technology, a new cutting-edge colour line that features 99 permanent shades, and 28 demi-permanent high-gloss shades, formulated without harsh chemicals – ammonia, resorcinol, and PPD.

The removal of these chemicals opens the colour service up to a wider scope of clients – not only the many allergic to PPD, but to those who push the parameters of ‘personalised colour’ one step further. The micro-colour pigment molecules and specialised minerals in the formula allow for the brightest fashion colours and healthiest results.

Jess, Sarah and Kelly model shades of O&M's new Mineral CCT hair colour line.

Appealing to all clientele is an active mineral complex including Illite, Kaolin and Montorillonite that work respectively to deeply penetrate for rich saturation, guard against colour fade and deliver a boost in hair and scalp health.

O&M’s new hair colour line not only achieves up to five levels of lightening, with such shads as O&M Pearl and O&M Keratin, but it also offers 100 per cent grey coverage for those who are reluctant to embrace the signs of ageing.

O&M’s Mineral CCT permanent colour range is now available at leading Australian and USA professional hair salons.


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Revenge is a dish best served cold!

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DAYS OF OUR LIVES: The Secret is out - Taylor (Tamara Braun) and EJ (James Scott) are busted by Nicole (Arianne Zucker)

There’s never a dull moment on Days of our Lives, and things are about to get deliciously wicked when Nicole busts EJ cheating on her with Taylor.

Against all odds, Nicole and EJ decide to celebrate their love for one another by getting married. But before the exchange of vows, EJ falls in love with another woman – Nicole’s sister, Taylor.

Taylor feels exactly the same way about EJ, but unable to cope with the guilt of coming between her sister and EJ, she decides to move out of the DiMera mansion and leave town. But EJ has other ideas – realising he cant bear to be apart from Taylor any longer, he resolves to divorce Nicole.

When EJ informs Taylor of his plan to end his relationship with Nicole, Taylor refuses to let him go through with it – saying that it would crush Nicole into a million pieces. Despite Taylor’s concern, EJ insists that even if Taylor leaves town, he and Nicole do not have a future together. But before he has the chance to tell Nicole the wedding is off, Nicole secretly busts EJ and and her sister embracing in a passionate kiss.

Initially, it seems that a shocked Nicole is planning violence, but she eventually decides that revenge is a dish best served cold, and rather than getting mad, Nicole decides to get even.

After over-hearing a conversation between Gus and Vivian about a mysterious prisoner EJ and Stefano had locked in their basement, she decides to take matters into her own hands. She manages to get a hold of the DNA results and putting two and two together, she begins to suspect that EJ and Stefano may have imprisoned Rafe in their basement. She calls on a mysterious associate to see if he can match the DNA results from EJ and Stefano’s prisoner to Rafe, and once the proof arrives, Nicole is ready to plot her revenge.

Exactly what Nicole has in store for EJ and Taylor remains a mystery, but you can rest assured it’s going to be a well-crafted and extremely wicked plan!


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They’re At It Again!

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Whoever coined the phrase ‘there ain’t no rest for the wicked’, must have had The Bold and the Beautiful’s Steffy Forrester in mind. 

In our latest issue of TV SOAP nothing is off limits for this scheming beauty – even breaking up a marriage!

Steffy has her sights set on Bill Spencer and nothing, not even his wife Katie, can deter her from her pursuing her love for him. 

But in true B&B fashion, others are soon caught in the dramatic crossfire.

Trouble begins to surface when Taylor reveals to Ridge their daughter’s reckless goal and he  realises that there will be serious consequences if she succeeds.

But the situation soon escalates when Brooke walks on the pair’s conversation.

Stunned at the revelation Brooke accuses Taylor of turning a blind eye to Steffy’s pursuit of Bill, forcing her to admit she has known about the situation for quite some time.

However, Taylor is adamant that Steffy simply had a harmless crush and would quickly lose interest in the married man.

But  Brooke assures them Bill won’t be divorcing Katie anytime soon as he’s renewed his commitment to his wife.

 Taylor begins to fret over how Steffy will respond to this news, much to Brooke’s disgust – in her opinion, heartbreak is exactly what the young homewrecker deserves.

Defending her daughter, Taylor warns Brooke to stop making Steffy out to be such a villain and even suggests that if Bill and Katie’s marriage were as solid as everyone thinks it is, another woman wouldn’t be able to come between them.

In response, Brooke advices Taylor to be prepared to console Steffy after she is told about Bill and Katie’s rekindled love, but Taylor has some advice of her own – that marriages end everyday and perhaps it should be Brooke preparing to comfort Katie.


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Couples In Crisis!

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Love is in the air with St Valentine’s Day just around the corner, so what’s coming up for our favourite soap couples? Who’s hooking up and who’s breaking up? What does the future hold for Nick and Bridget on The Bold and The Beautiful and what crisis awaits tortured lovers Rafe and Sami on Days of Our Lives?

With complicted love lives on screen the stars are happy when the cameras stop rolling and they can go home to their real life partners – find out which lucky guy or girl has captured the hearts of our TV Favourites.

It’s not all about romance for our soap characters in the coming weeks. On Neighbours Steph is consumed with guilt over her secret pregnancy, she knows her life will be ruined should the truth about the baby’s paternity emerge!

Oprah tells  us about her personal daily struggles and how she can releate to the main character in Precious, the movie  she helped produce.

With Courtenay Cox vamping it up on Cougar Town, we take a look at some celebrity cougars, plus read about which financially savvy stars are using their fame to launch personal product lines.

Find out what’s coming up on your favourite sopas in our guides, plus all the latest from Hollywood.

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From the Editor

December 7th, 2009 by Vesna | No Comments | Filed in The Magazine

VesnaIs The Bold And The Beautiful, not only the world’s most watched show, but also the sexiest? We reveal why Brooke and Ridge are so sexy after 22 years of on-off romance, plus all the other exciting couples who titillate us daily with their torrid affairs! On the subject of sexy, Alison Whyte confesses that she loves her sizzling role on Satisfaction.

Make sure you watch this year’s finale of Neighbours, there are lots of surprises in store, including an impromptu wedding ceremony!

Nikki makes a tragic choice on what should have been her happy wedding day, on The Young And The Restless, while a sex scandal threatens young lovers on Days Of Our Lives.

There is a lot of hype at the moment about those beautiful girls of Twilight, so we thought we’d let you in on some of their beauty secrets, plus read which Hollywood celebrities made it in modelling before their big screen breaks.

We have lots of great prizes up for grabs in this issue and don’t forget to stay up to date on your favourite dramas with our Soap Guides! Enjoy the issue.