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They’re At It Again!

September 8th, 2011 by TV Soap | No Comments | Filed in Bold and the Beautiful, The Magazine

Whoever coined the phrase ‘there ain’t no rest for the wicked’, must have had The Bold and the Beautiful’s Steffy Forrester in mind. 

In our latest issue of TV SOAP nothing is off limits for this scheming beauty – even breaking up a marriage!

Steffy has her sights set on Bill Spencer and nothing, not even his wife Katie, can deter her from her pursuing her love for him. 

But in true B&B fashion, others are soon caught in the dramatic crossfire.

Trouble begins to surface when Taylor reveals to Ridge their daughter’s reckless goal and he  realises that there will be serious consequences if she succeeds.

But the situation soon escalates when Brooke walks on the pair’s conversation.

Stunned at the revelation Brooke accuses Taylor of turning a blind eye to Steffy’s pursuit of Bill, forcing her to admit she has known about the situation for quite some time.

However, Taylor is adamant that Steffy simply had a harmless crush and would quickly lose interest in the married man.

But  Brooke assures them Bill won’t be divorcing Katie anytime soon as he’s renewed his commitment to his wife.

 Taylor begins to fret over how Steffy will respond to this news, much to Brooke’s disgust – in her opinion, heartbreak is exactly what the young homewrecker deserves.

Defending her daughter, Taylor warns Brooke to stop making Steffy out to be such a villain and even suggests that if Bill and Katie’s marriage were as solid as everyone thinks it is, another woman wouldn’t be able to come between them.

In response, Brooke advices Taylor to be prepared to console Steffy after she is told about Bill and Katie’s rekindled love, but Taylor has some advice of her own – that marriages end everyday and perhaps it should be Brooke preparing to comfort Katie.


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Soap Secrets

May 11th, 2011 by TV Soap | No Comments | Filed in Uncategorized

There is nothing better than a few naughty secrets, so in the latest issue of TV SOAP, we’ve decided to dish the dirt on the most exclusive The Bold and the Beautiful plot secrets we could find. 

With health woes, rocky relationships and the resurrection of everyone’s favourite love triangle (yes, Taylor is looking to create some trouble) you’ll need to hang onto the sides of your sofa chairs for an explosive few weeks. And even more excitingly- Brooke and Thomas are coming Down Under! This latest press junket for Taboo won’t end the same way as the last one, and this time (and not to spoil anything), the consequences are even juicier.

Hearts will be aflutter as Robert Pattinson (sigh!) tells our readers about his new film Water for Elephants and what he’s looking for in a girlfriend. Plus we chat to Todd Lasance about Aussie mini-series Cloudstreet, find out the latest on Offspring from Kat Stewart and catch-up with funny man Chris Lilley about his widely awaited new series Angry Boys.

Packed with plenty of giveaway goodies and all the latest from your favourite soapies, this is an issue of TV SOAP not to be missed!

And be sure to tell us what you think about the upcoming episodes of your favourite soaps.


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